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31 December 2020 @ 07:08 am
This is a brand-spanking new muse for me so any and all (constructive!) crit is extremely welcome!

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Bundesrepublik Deutschland || Germany
19 December 2020 @ 07:01 pm
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Bundesrepublik Deutschland || Germany
29 September 2013 @ 12:32 pm
23rd ღ Arisato Minako
23rd ღ Alfons Heiderich

3rd   ღ Orihime
12th ღ Orihime
14th ღ Mitch the Man Witch
15th ღ Alfons Heiderich
16th ღ [Open Log]

14th ღ Scott McCall
22nd ღ Alfons & Edward
23rd ღ Cousland
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14th ღ Katniss
Bundesrepublik Deutschland || Germany
15 August 2013 @ 05:58 pm
Player Information

Name: Kiwi
Personal Journal: [personal profile] gundamkiwi
IM Service: AIM // gundamkiwi
Plurk Name: [plurk.com profile] gundamkiwi

Character Information

Character Name: Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt)
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Canon-Point: 2013
Age: Roughly 142 years - Modern Germany (the APH character) is a descendent of ancient Germania, and is thought to be one and the same as the Holy Roman Empire, who appeared sometime in the 10th Century. However, he doesn't seem to remember this previous, adorable child version of himself, and is presented in the series as the culmination of modern Germany's initial unification in 1871.

Wikipedia's page on Germany, the nation
APH Wikipedia page
Germany's Kitawiki.net page

Summary: Hetalia is a series about anthropomorphic personifications of the world's nations. Relationships between characters can be divined a bit by looking at actual world history. Major historical events offer backdrops and plots in which the characters interact in the series, but the series' focus is less on history, and more on culture, and on learning about, engaging in, and being respectful of the culture of one's neighbors
First and most obviously, Germany is a very serious person. While he's no longer being ordered around by his tyrannical boss (that one führer fellow from WWII...you know the one), he's still stuck living between sexually-aggressive France and stuffy, uptight Austria, which is a difficult position to be in when you're as reserved, quiet, and as socially awkward as Germany. France's openly flamboyant and sexualized mannerisms are very uncomfortable for him to endure, and Austria's stuffy, bossy, know-it-all-ness kind of piss him off.

He's very by-the-books. If he doesn't know how to do something, he'll find a how-to guide, and follow the guide's instructions to the letter. While this works fine for things like baking, it's not the best technique for maintaining and balancing interpersonal relationships...which is something Germany is not very good at, even with all the self-help and advice books money can buy.

He only relaxes after a few beers, but this can cause more harm than good, as he has a tendency to let go of all his suppressed frustration when he drinks, and things can get a little explosive.

One of the pivotal relationships in the series is that between Germany and Italy. In the series, Germany first encountered Italy during World War I. As they were enemies at the time, Germany captured him, but quickly became puzzled by Italy's complacency, and at one point even encouraged him to try to escape. Italy wasn't interested in escape, though - he liked it at Germany's place, because there was plenty to eat and no one around to pick on him. He even wrote a song for Germany! Germany didn't really appreciate it, though, and packed Italy up and sent him home in a box.

At the end of the war, which Germany lost, he was forced to make reparations in the form of making cuckoo clocks for France. He actually didn't mind it so much at first, since he was left to himself and didn't have to babysit that annoying Italy anymore. His peace didn't last long, though, because Italy soon showed up to beg for work; as bad as things were for Germany, they were far worse for Italy. And so, despite the fact that Italy annoyed the crap out of him, Germany took pity on him and gave him work...though he wasn't able to pay him a wage that amounted to much of anything. So it's pretty clear from fairly early on that even though Germany comes across as a grumpy and somewhat fierce guy, he's secretly pretty nice.

His kindness towards Italy both during and after WWI turned around and backfired on him in an especially epic fashion, though, because once he began setting up for WWII (in which his ultimate goal was to kick France's ass and force him to make cuckoo clocks for Germany), Italy, in a fit of good-hearted helpfulness, decided that the best way to help his friend Germany was to ally with him! Considering Italy's cowardly, high-maintenance, and generally air-headed attitude, Germany was less than thrilled at the prospect. But once again, Italy managed to talk him into it, listing the benefits for them both - though said benefits greatly favored Italy. What really struck Germany, however, was Italy's offer of friendship - he had never had a friend before. He even said as much to Italy, informing him that since he'd never had a friend before, he'd likely treat Italy badly, but as this didn't seem to bother Italy, a beautiful friendship was born.

Together with Italy, Germany forged an alliance with the island nation of Japan, and the three became known as the Axis nations, who would conquer the world and have it revolve around them. The three spent some time together stranded on a desert island, spied on and occasionally attacked by the Allied nations (America, China, England, France, and Russia).

He's very stubborn and works hard towards his goals no matter the odds, as evidenced by his determination to train Italy up into a proper soldier. He'll keep trying for as long as it takes to make a real soldier out of Italy, no matter how many times Italy runs away, throws the wrong bit of the grenade, or surrenders to a cat because its rough tongue was hurting his face.

Over the years Germany has become very protective of Italy. He actually becomes angry when other countries pick on him (which they often do), although he himself often becomes irritated because he's always being called on by Italy for help. Since they've become friends Germany spends a lot of his time running after Italy to rescue him from stupid situations. For example, he once got an incoherent phone call in which the only phrases he could make out were "Romano's in bed" "It won't come out!" "Take it out!" "Ow ow!" "Take it out!" He immediately rushed over to Italy's place, clearly expecting something perverted, hardcore, and non-consensual, only to find North and South Italy, both in their pajamas, stuck together by their respective hair curls. While he was relieved that the situation was nothing like he was imagined, he still got massively angry and yelled a lot - which is his normal reaction to relief after overwhelming worry.

When approached in a reasonable manner, though, his inherent kindness comes out a bit more obviously. When Germany and Russia were striking up a friendship some time after WWII, Italy became afraid that Germany would end up liking Russia better and would stop being his friend, and, after some advice from France, wrote Germany a letter. When Germany read the letter, he immediately sprang into action! ...In the kitchen. After which, he approached Italy and flat out told him he didn't need to worry about Russia getting in the way of their friendship and that Italy would always be his BFF. He offered a formal pinky swear, and then shared his best wurst with Italy, which they ate together outside.

Another time, England and France were amusing themselves by spreading nasty rumors about other countries, and England decided it would be hilarious to tell Italy that Germany secretly hated him. Italy immediately confronted Germany about it, asking whether or not it was true. Even in such an awkward situation, rather than beat around the bush like many people tend to do, and even though he was blushing fiercely, Germany was direct and truthful with his answer. In the English dub, he declares that whatever England said is absolutely false, and follows up with, "to tell the truth, Ich libe dich." However, in the manga, he's slightly less assertive and more awkward, but still comes out with, "I don't hate you."

Tl;dr - Germany is secretly a nice guy with a scary exterior who tends to react with loud yelling when a situation makes him uncomfortable, because being uncomfortable makes him angry, and when he's angry, he yells.
Longevity: As Germany is an anthropomorphic personification of a nation and not entirely human, his age and lifespan have more in common with the actual geographical and political region of Germany than with the average human being. This isn't something he has any control over, and also (I wouldn't think, anyway) isn't something that should have any impact whatsoever on gameplay.

Superhuman Strength: As a country, Germany is considered to be quite a bit physically stronger than the average human, though to what extent is not entirely clear. He can probably lift a stove or throw a car, at the very least.

Accelerated Healing: Along with the above-average physical strength, as a country Germany is able to survive and recover from physical injuries that would kill or cripple a regular human. His recovery time is also (usually!) much faster than a normal human's as well.

Miscellaneous: Germany's overall health and strength is intrinsically tied to the health and strength of the geographical region of Germany and the people living there - for example, a nation experiencing an economic recession is presented in the comic as having a cold. Doubtless this is another thing that won't have any effect whatsoever on the game, but there it is, just in case.

He's also incredibly skilled at baking, organizing, and keeping things tidy!
Just the clothes on his back: A white button-up shirt, khaki slacks, stylish Italian shoes, expensive Swiss wristwatch, and his wallet with his ID, a credit card, and a handful of Euros.
1st person bracket style: Powerwurst Sausage Spokesman
3rd person prose style (sometimes in brackets): He's Kind Of Bad At Talking To Women
Bundesrepublik Deutschland || Germany
15 December 2012 @ 10:33 am
[under construction]
Bundesrepublik Deutschland || Germany
24 August 2011 @ 06:24 pm

Name: Kiwi
Are you over 16?: Are you?
Personal LJ: [personal profile] gundamkiwi
Email: kiwi_no_miko at yahoo dot com
Timezone: PST
Other contact: AIM: gundamkiwi
Characters already in the game: Cho Hakkai [[personal profile] congenialsinner], A.J. Crowley [[personal profile] saunteredvaguely]
How did you find us?: I live here. B(

IC Info: )
Bundesrepublik Deutschland || Germany
12 August 2011 @ 12:16 pm
Name: Ludwig Beilschmidt
Age: 15
Birthday: June 8
Class: Sophomore

  • Lives off-campus with his big bro and their often out-of-town guardian.
  • Does all the cooking (and most of the washing up and putting away and...), except when big bro makes breakfast.
  • Too young to driiiiive but he is self-sufficient and athletic so he walks or bikes where he needs to go, and takes the bus sometimes too, and tries to avoid bumming rides.
  • Native speaker of German but he's fluent in English, and he speaks French and Italian pretty well too because he is an overachiever like that.
  • He loves dogs. He had three in Germany but had to find new homes for them when his family moved to the States when he was 12. Right now he and Gil have a German shepherd named Waffel. Gil named her.

  • He's usually about an hour early for school every day, hanging out in the band room to practice.
  • ALWAYS GOES TO CLASS. This is not-negotiable.
  • He always does his homework and hands it in on time. And no, he won't let you copy it. How will you learn if you just copy someone else?
  • No, really. Copying is wrong.
  • Stop asking.
  • He even does extra credit assignments even though he doesn't need to.
  • The library is a great place to spend lunch time! ...No, really! It is!

  • After-school siesta club with his axis brosises friends. Because they forced him.
  • SOCCER TEAM. Normally he's quiet and introverted but get him out on the field and he becomes this looming, intense, scary beast.
  • He plays the cello in the school orchestra!

CLASS SCHEDULE (subject to change at any time!)
1: World History
2: Sophomore science (general studies)
3: Algebra
4: PE
5: Japanese (Five languages in one head? Madness!)
6: Orchestra